COVID-19: 04/01 We plan to keep working. At the momment we are taking it day by day and following government guidelines. All of our team are working in pairs together and not mixing. They are wearing masks whilst loading and travelling. They can wear masks whilst with customers and will socially distance.

Willow Tree Pollarding

Mr Frost rang Steve to look at his trees and to advise him on what to do with them and to see if their general condition was OK. He and Steve then agreed a date for us to do some work on the trees.

Mr Frost’s trees have been pollarded several times in the past and were ready for them to be done again. Whilst working on one of the willow trees, that had also been pollarded in the past, we noticed quite a substantial amount of rotting wounds from the previous work. At this point we advised our customer that the branches should be taken back further than the previous cut points, so that all of the rotting wood was removed from the tree.

Whilst working on all the other trees in his garden we assessed them for damage and advised accordingly. One tree was removed completely.