Tree Pollarding

This is where a tree is substantially taken back. It is similar to a crown reduction but more severe. It is done to a lot of street trees. If a tree has been pollarded in the past it is often needed to be repeated in future years.

Recent Work

  • Pollarding in a tricky environment November 23, 2020Pollarding in a tricky environment
    Below are a couple of photos showing one of our teams pollarding some large Poplars in the high winds last week. These trees were awkwardly positioned over 3 different gardens and most of the brash and timber had to be rigged out and lowered onto an adjacent cul-de-sac to avoid damage to our customer and their ...
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  • Willow Tree Pollarding December 14, 2016Willow Tree Pollarding
    Mr Frost rang Steve to look at his trees and to advise him on what to do with them and to see if their general condition was OK. He and Steve then agreed a date for us to do some work on the trees. Mr Frost’s trees have been pollarded several times in the past and ...
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Below are real pictures taken of the work we have done

Tree Pollarding By Clip 'Em And Fell 'Em
Tree Pollarding By Clip 'Em And Fell 'Em
Clip Em And Fell Em Pollarding
Clipem Pollard 1