• Logs for Sale

    Logs for Sale

    A lot of tree surgery companies sell logs as a by-product. To make their supplies stretch further, soft wood is often mixed in. It is often sold before it has properly seasoned.

    Our logs are a minimum of one year old and often nearer two.

    We ONLY sell hardwood. It could be; Ash, Beech, oak, cherry, hawthorn, sycamore etc
    It will NOT be; Conifer, poplar, willow, cedar, spruce, birch.

    We have been delivering the logs in ‘builders bulk bags’ that building materials are delivered in. Most people understand this as a unit of measurement and therefore know what they are getting.

    Logs for Sale from Clip ‘Em and Fell ‘Em
    We now sell them in purpose designed bags that are half a bulk bag. These are filled before hand and are much easier to carry. See the photo of these half bags.

    We can leave the bags with you and pick up any empty ones you have when we next deliver. Or we can tip the bags where you require them.

    We will not be able to stack the logs.

    Price per half bag delivered is £50.00 including Vat. There will be a refundable deposit of £4.00 per bag if they are being left on site.

    Please contact us on 07739 834553 if you would like to order.

  • Log Splitting

    Log Splitting

    More and more of our customers have open fires or log burners and Clip ‘Em and Fell ‘Em realise that they would like to keep the wood from the work.

    We also offer log splitting on site which some of our customers are pleased to take us up on.

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