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Feedback from a 3 week job

Just to say thanks to you and the team who have worked at the property over the last 3 weeks. We are very pleased with the results and the quality of materials and workmanship in all areas. Particular thanks to Matt for managing the whole job so efficiently.

Mr Jellyman

Heavy Oak Reduction

This week the team have performed a heavy reduction on a large Oak Tree.

We reduced it more than we would have normally liked to but the customer was adamant they wanted it this way.

We managed to keep some of the leaf on it and it will come back a lovely shape.

Tree Removal Feedback

Big thank you to George and his team, they turned up when they said they would, did a great job removing my tree and cleaned up very well!

Didn’t even stop for a drink.

Mrs Saunders

Feedback from a returning Customer

Used Clip em and Fell em a couple of times for small jobs.

They arrive when they say they will. They charge what they say they will. They clean up afterwards. They use safety equipment and do a great job.

Absolutely professional polite and helpful people. I cannot speak highly enough,of them. Great honest service.

Mr Martin

Large Beech Removal

The images below show the dismantling of a very large beech tree. It was such a shame to see such a beautiful specimen removed but unfortunately it was diseased and in decline and being so close to a road and multiple properties, it had to be done.

Day one saw the work begin. A lot of care had to be taken as this was over phone lines and next to a very old wall.

Clip 'Em and Fell 'Em Tree Dismantling

A tough second day due to the wind and rain, but the team stuck at it and got the other half of the crown out.

Clip 'Em and Fell 'Em Tree Dismantling

The third and final day saw the last bit of removal required. The last section we took off was around 2 tonnes!

Overall, a great effort by the team!

Clip 'Em and Fell 'Em Tree Dismantling

Pollarding in a tricky environment

Below are a couple of photos showing one of our teams pollarding some large Poplars in the high winds last week.

These trees were awkwardly positioned over 3 different gardens and most of the brash and timber had to be rigged out and lowered onto an adjacent cul-de-sac to avoid damage to our customer and their neighbours gardens.


Feedback from a Neighbour

A neighbour had 3 trees cut down by these guys. The majority of the trees hung over on our garden. Fantastic job done. Little disruption to our garden. Friendly hard working guys. And the area was left very tidy indeed. Great job thank you.

Mrs Norman

Area Clearance

This is a large project that Clip ‘Em and Fell ‘Em are currently undertaking.

This bank was heavily overgrown with multiple mature trees in it (over 1ft in diameter).

We have cleared the whole area, removed all the stumps and are treating it for Weeds over the winter and then we’ll be back to prepare it and lay turf.